dont regret it if it made you smile.

i wish i was like one of those people who are constantly happy 

This is me and my “bestfriend”. The difference bettween these two photos is in one of the photos, she really is my bestfriend. In the other, just a friend. When we first ever started becoming bestfriends I could tell her everything. Bitch about people we despised. Had sleepovers all the time. We went out almost everyday. We laughed. We cried. We hugged. We smiled. We joked. We had so much fun. We used to trust eachother. We used to be thankful and trustworthy. I taught her new things, how to dress nicely, how to act around certain people, how to build her confidence up, how to be more louder, more fun. I taught her alot. She was thankful. We made so many memoried. She was there for me. I was there for her. Now all that has changed, everything has just turned into one big memory. She is just one big memory. and thats a shame. She changed, I felt like she threw it back in my face, was no longer thankful. Now we argue, tease, try and make eachother jealous, and more. Im tired of trying and trying, its been too long now, no one else cares so why should I? I thought things would be back to normal by now, but no. Its time to let go of this friendship as theres no point in holding on to something if the other person isnt holding on. I just wish our friendship was how it was half a year ago. But she will never be that girl again. Im sorry.

Selfies xoxoxo

New stuff!:))))

Ive changed loads hhahahah

Ive changed loads hhahahah

No one likes you. Leave.

You try to make me jealous because youre a fake friend, and the things dont even make me jealous, they just piss me off over the fact that your just the jealous bitch:))))